Supplement Needs Pre Stim+ Review: Intense and incredibly versatile

Apr 20th, 2021

Of the three pre-workouts the UK retailer and brand Supplement Needs, recently released, Pre Stim+ intrigued us the most. The reason it was so appealing is the approach is unlike anything else we’ve seen. It is a high-stimulant formula, as the name suggests, that can stack with the brand’s other pre-workouts Pre Pump+ and Pre Focus+, however it doesn’t have any caffeine.

Supplement Needs packs Pre Stim+ with a variety of reputable and potent stimulants, including juglans regia, NeuroPEA, hordenine, TeaCrine, Dynamine, and DMHA. We liked the idea of having something you could combine with a mainstream pre-workout missing those hardcore stimulants and not worry about any overlap, especially on the caffeine side of things.

supplement needs pre stim review


Over the past few weeks, we’ve combined Supplement Needs Pre Stim+ with a variety of pre-workouts, none of which contained any of the same ingredients, and found it to be precisely what you’d expect. It essentially transforms a pre-workout lacking intense stimulation into a hard-hitting experience that’s full of strong, lasting energy and tunnel vision-like mental focus and drive.

Every pre-workout we combined it with had its initial kick greatly intensified; its peak and average level of energy noticeably increased; and its focus taken up a notch. We did try Pre Stim+ by itself with a moderate energy drink, and it wasn’t too bad, still providing those key highlights. But, without a good amount of caffeine or comprehensive pre-workout to stack with, it obviously feels a bit incomplete.

Pre Stim+ is primarily designed to stack with Supplements Needs’ other two pre-workouts for a comprehensive experience, and it does do that well; however, its versatility is something that deserves highlighting on its own. While there are dedicated stimulant formulas out there, you’d be hard-pressed to find one without caffeine and as potent as Pre Stim+, which is what makes it stand out so much.

supplement needs pre stim review


The most impressive part of Supplement Needs Pre Stim+ is truly its stacking ability, whether it be with the brand’s own Pre Focus+ and Pre Pump+, or of course, other pre-workouts that could do with more intensity. As mentioned, it can take a typical pre-workout not featuring a lot in the stimulant department and elevate its energy and focus to a top-level; you can even combine it with a fat burner.

We found Pre Stim+ useful in so many situations, which we expected, although not to the extent we did. It’s very similar to having a stimulant-free pump pre-workout for workouts where you want to make sure you get intense pumps beyond what a single supplement can offer. Pre Stim+ does that but for energy and focus, making it well worth having in your arsenal for when you want extra intensity.