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Velositol enhanced Outright Breakfast Bar is getting a second flavor

waffles and syrup peanut butter outright breakfast protein bar

The last time we saw something new released from Marc Lobliner’s popular functional brand Outright was back near the end of last year with the keto-friendly version of the Outright Protein Bar. In the next few weeks, fans are getting something different from the award-winning brand by way of a second flavor of one of its other Outright spin-offs, separate from the keto edition.

Coming down the pipeline from Marc Lobliner’s original snack brand is flavor number two for the Outright Breakfast Protein Bar, which is infused with 2g of Velositol to enhance muscle protein synthesis. Since its debut, the product has only been available in one flavor, with Mochaccino White Chocolate, packing 15g of protein, 25g of carbohydrates, 14g of fat, and 280 calories.

The all-new, second flavor for the Outright Breakfast Protein Bar is similar to the first, based around a breakfast style item in Peanut Butter Waffles and Syrup. As mentioned, the Waffles and Syrup Outright Breakfast Protein Bar will be available in the coming weeks, launching at Tiger Fitness for the same price as a regular Outright Protein Bar at $24.99 a box.

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