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Podium confirms a new and exact launch date of September 1st for its three products

podium nutrition launch date

Throughout the month of July, the all-new brand Podium Nutrition from Crossfit champion Mat Fraser and the Butter Bros, revealed details behind its first three supplements. The upcoming brand’s initial lineup consists of the BCAA-based amino formula Hydro+Salt BCAA, the fully transparent protein powder Podium Whey, and, lastly, the loaded pre-workout FUSE.

With each of its reveals in July, it was said Mat Fraser’s Podium Nutrition was still aiming to launch in that same month, something it had been saying since the brand was confirmed many months ago in April. July has obviously been and gone without the release of Podium and its three products, although this week, we’ve got an updated and firm debut date.

The team at Podium Nutrition is now aiming to have all of its supplements out and available on the first day of next month, so Wednesday the 1st of September, which is three weeks away. That will also be a full launch, not a pre-order or anything, and the brand has passed on its prices with Hydro+Salt BCAA at $34.99, Podium Whey at $39.99, and $44.99 for FUSE.