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Carrot Cake confirmed as the second flavor for Mountain Joe’s new Protein Cake

Mountain Joes Carrot Cake Protein Cake

Mountain Joe’s has revealed details on the third and final teaser it shared in the month of August, after passing on more information on the other two over the past couple of weeks. For those that missed it, the brand’s chocolate peanut teaser turned out to be a Chocolate Peanut flavor of its delicious Protein Brownie and the birthday cake turned out to be an entirely new product named Protein Cake.

The third mysterious image from Mountain Joe’s that went online a few weeks ago has been completely unveiled, and it is actually linked to the same product as the birthday cake. The brand’s fairly obvious carrot cake picture is, in fact, in relation to a Carrot Cake flavor of Mountain Joe’s all-new and upcoming Protein Cake, meaning that product is going to debut in Birthday Cake and Carrot Cake flavors.

We still don’t have any additional information on Protein Cake outside of it being high-in-protein and having a cake-like texture and experience. Now that all of Mountain Joe’s teased products have been revealed, we have to imagine fans will be able to purchase them soon, so fans in its local UK market may want to keep an eye out.