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Performax Labs has a lot more to come following its HyperMax relaunch

Performax Labs More To Come

To close out last week, Performax Labs’ long-awaited rebrand and refresh finally arrived, and the reputable brand celebrated with a sitewide sale, giving fans 20% off everything in its online store. That sale is still running, although something fans of Performax may have noticed on Friday, was that for its relaunch, there were only three supplements made available.

Those three supplements are the muscle builders MassMax and AlphaMax, and the brand’s well-known pre-workout HyperMax-3D, and while they are solid products, that is a lot less than Performax had before its rebrand. If you wondered whether the rest of the brand’s lineup is returning or remaining at three, the brand has assured us everything is coming back.

HyperMax, MassMax, and AlphaMax, all of which have had some sort of change for the rebrand, are only the start. Over the coming weeks and months, Performax Labs is planning to roll out all of its previous supplements in its new look. Along with the makeover, and like its first products, the other upcoming items will have some tweaks and changes too.

Performax Labs has not shared an exact roadmap, so we can’t tell you exactly when and where everything is dropping, but HyperMax, MassMax, and AlphaMax are indeed just the beginning. The brand has promised it has plenty more excitement up its sleeve, so be sure to stay tuned, especially here at Stack3d, as we’ll be passing on all of the details when we get them.