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Rockstar announces a partnership with Halo Infinite kicking off October 1st

Rockstar Halo Infinite

A year after Monster teamed up with the highly-anticipated and long-awaited first-person shooter Halo Infinite, another energy drink company has announced it is also partnering with the video game. Beverage giant Rockstar has revealed that on the first day of next month, it is launching a collaboration with Halo Infinite, which is expected to finally release in early December.

Rockstar has not confirmed exactly what its partnership with Halo Infinite is going to entail or look like, although if we had to guess, we imagine it’ll be similar to when it teamed up with Cyberpunk 2077. It was October of last year Rockstar and Cyberpunk created five special edition energy drinks, each featuring a theme or character from the game and a code to redeem a $1 Xbox gift card, and one of them was actually an entirely new flavor.

We suspect the Cyberpunk promotion is similar to what Rockstar is planning to do with Halo Infinite, where the are special edition versions of some of its popular energy drinks and codes to redeem rewards. While we don’t know much about the collaboration right now, as mentioned, all will be revealed in three weeks on the 1st of October, when the partnership officially kicks off.

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