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Holiday season brings Barebells’ Hazelnut Nougat flavor to its protein shake

Hazelnut Nougat Barebells Milkshake

To go with the season of giving, Barebells has released a special edition product, something we’ve seen it do every year since being introduced to it years ago. Those limited-time Christmas products often end up becoming permanent parts of the brand’s extensive and delicious lineup, such as the soft, smooth, and sweet Holiday Puffs Protein Bar now named Creamy Crisp.

The Christmas edition creation Barebells has announced this week as we head into November is actually a flavor for what we consider to be one of the best-tasting protein RTDs out there in Barebells Milkshake. The flavor is also something fans of the brand should already be familiar with, as it’s from the menu of the number-one-rated Barebells Protein Bar in Hazelnut Nougat.

The nutrition profile of Barebells’ Hazelnut Nougat flavor of the always enjoyable Barebells Milkshake is just as lean as its other options packing 24g of protein, 12g of carbohydrates with all of that sugar, 3g of fat, and a calorie count of 191.

The Hazelnut Nougat Barebells Protein Bar is, in fact, one of our favorite flavors, delivering an incredibe combination of rich chocolate, sweet nougat and hazelnut, all with 20g of protein and 205 calories. We have to imagine the brand aims to continue that level of taste in the new Hazelnut Nougat Barebells Milkshake which will be making its way to shelves in Sweden soon.

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