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Protos protein powder release reveals Glaxon’s hybrid Electro-Creatine

Glaxon Electro Creatine

Yesterday Glaxon finally entered the saturated protein powder category with two premium supplements, Protos Whey and the plant-based Protos Vegan. Both products feature a blend of protein sources and are infused with a handful of other ingredients for various additional benefits, including Prohydrolase enzymes, Care4U prebiotics, and Velositol to double the power of the protein.

Something else Glaxon put out there with the launch of its Protos protein powders is a sneak peek or at least a mention of another supplement it has coming down the pipeline. On the backside of the labels of both Protos Whey and Protos Vegan is an eye-catching callout colored in bright yellow reading “Stacks with Electro-Creatine”, which is a Glaxon product yet to come to market.

The callout on the Protos protein powders further explains roughly what Glaxon Electro-Creatine is, and you could probably figure it out from the name, with a blend of creatine for muscle strength and size, and electrolytes for hydration. Electro-Creatine sounds like a fairly simple and versatile supplement, although we’re not sure if it’ll be replacing the brand’s current creatine product.

Dr. Creatine is Glaxon’s current creatine competitor, which may be replaced by Electro-Creatine or sold alongside it, giving fans two creatine options. We’ll share more details on the creatine hybrid when they become available; either way, it’s impressive to hear Glaxon has even more in the works and coming soon, considering it’s dropped nine new supplements in the last three months.