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Snackhouse uses Ambrosia’s Planta to flavor its latest Keto Cereal creation

Snackhouse Banana French Toast Keto Puffs

Functional brand Snackhouse Foods is back again this week, releasing another flavor of its puff-style, keto-friendly snack Keto Cereal, which is separate from its signature protein puffs. The key difference is, this product has been designed for use more as a traditional cereal in a bowl of milk, featuring an extra layer of flavor around every puff to make the experience even more authentic.

Adding flavors to Keto Cereal is something we’ve seen Snackhouse Foods already do several times this year with new additions like Cinnamon Swirl, Chocolate Puffs, and PB Cup. Keeping that trend going is an intriguing Banana Maple French Toast flavor of Keto Cereal, featuring the product’s typically keto-friendly macros with a gram of net carbohydrates per serving and a rather interesting bonus feature.

Unlike the other flavors of Snackhouse Foods’ Keto Cereal, the all-new Banana Maple French Toast flavor is made using the flavor of the same name of Ambrosia’s popular plant-based protein powder Planta. It is a collaboration of sorts, with the brand calling on the help of Ambrosia to push the title flavor even further, and if you’d like to try the product, it is available now from Snackhouse’s website.