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Bombbar infuses zero sugar crispbread crackers with extra protein

Bombbar Protein Crispbread

One of the main reasons Bombbar won our Functional brand Of The Year title for the second consecutive year was because of how unique, and different each of its releases is. The Russian company constantly drops healthy snacks, high-protein treats, and functional foods that you don’t see anyone else putting out, marching to the beat of its own drum and setting the standard for creativity.

This week, Bombbar is showing us once again why it won that Functional Brand Of The Year Award with the release of Crackle or, more descriptively, Protein Crispbread. The product is the brand’s version of the crispy cracker crispbread made with rice and oat flour. However, in Bombbar’s usual style, it has no sugar and worked some protein into the snack, with pea isolate also being a main ingredient.

The nutrition profile on Bombbar’s Protein Crispbread starts with a solid 12g of protein per packet of two crackers, 35g of carbohydrates, zero sugar, under 2g of fat, and around 210 calories. Those macros are almost identical for both of the intriguing product’s flavors which are Provencal Herbs and Tomatoes with Provencal Herbs.

It would be interesting to see how Bombbar’s Protein Crispbread turns out, as it’s not a type of food we’ve ever seen a brand add extra protein to. Either way, the rather unique and latest innovation from our two-time Functional Brand Of The Year, is available now through its Russian online store at 65₽ (0.88 USD) per packet, or currently, if you grab three at, they’re 43.33₽ (0.59 USD) each.