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Cherry Lime Lift showing up on shelves for the recently renamed MTN DEW Energy

Cherry Lime Lift Mtn Dew Energy Drink

MTN DEW’s recently renamed energizing beverage MTN DEW Energy is another energy drink that has been given a fresh new flavor to start the year, similar to the likes of Monster Ultra, NOCCO, and ZOA. When the product originally hit the market, it had quite the list of tastes to choose from, six to be exact, including Pomegranate Blue Burst, Peach Mango Dawn, and Strawberry Melon Spark.

The refreshing new taste for the energy drink is the cherry and lime concoction Cherry Lime Lift, which is already said to be showing up in various stores and stockists. The flavor, of course, has all of the same active ingredients as the other options with vitamins, minerals, citicoline to support mental focus, fruit juice, and to give you that anytime increase in energy, a reliable 180mg of caffeine.