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Project Muscle products discounted by as much as 30% in two to three piece stacks

Anabolic Warfare Project Muscle Series Stacks

The Project Muscle Series is a comprehensive collection of muscle-building supplements from Anabolic Warfare with a few leaning, weight-loss orientated products also in the mix. It is a loaded selection of supplements with a wide variety of ingredients, and essentially all of the entries are designed to be stacked with one another, and while there is some crossover with a few, they do appear to account for all of that.

One of the key consistencies across the ten plus products making up Anabolic Warfare’s Project Muscle Series is they’re all priced relatively high. There are a couple of supplements in the $40 realm in Project Growth and Project Hulk, although from there, they go as high as $72.99 for Project Cuts. There is now a major way to save on the collection, as the brand has put together automatically discounted stacks.

Available through Anabolic Warfare’s website are two to three product bundles, and again, they can save you a good amount of money. There is the Natty Gains Stack of Project Hulk, Bulk, and Test priced at $134.95, and the Mass Gains Stack of Project Gains, Bulk, and Test. The Lean Gains Stack is another three-piece pack of Project Density, Hulk, and Cuts, saving you just over 30% compared to purchasing them individually.

At the moment, Anabolic Warfare’s online store only has a few of the stacks in stock, although to be fair, some of them consist of supplements not yet on the brand’s website, such as Project Bulk, Test, and PCT. Regardless, it’s a great way to save, so if you’ve wanted to try the series, check out the brand’s website and see if any of the bundles work for you.