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Animal-free whey expands into another type of food in Mars’ CO2COA chocolate bar

Co2coa Chocolate Bar

It’s been a lot of fun seeing Perfect Day’s innovative animal-free whey protein make its way out into the world in all sorts of products, from the original Brave Robot ice cream to Natreve’s Mooless protein powder and Bored Cow flavored milk. Another brand has popped up utilizing the incredibly unique animal-free whey, and it’s not a type of product we’ve yet to see.

The corporate giant Mars, known for many different mainstream products such as Milky Way, M&M’s, and Skittles, has created the all-new confectionary brand CO2COA. The newcomer’s debut item is the Animal Free Dairy Chocolate Bar, which is basically a block of delicious chocolate but is completely animal-free, as it’s made using Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein.

The nutrition profile isn’t too far from your typical block of chocolate, although the protein count in CO2COA’s Animal Free Dairy Chocolate Bar is mildly higher at 3g per block. Again, this isn’t a protein-packed or keto-friendly treat snack or anything like that, but another great use of Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, which continues to grow and expand into new markets.