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Mountain Joe’s hints at chocolate candy in the second flavor of its exciting protein bar

Mountain Joes Chocolate Candy Protein Bar

Yesterday Mountain Joe’s finally shared an actual look at its promising new protein bar, which, once again, the brand is saying could be the best-tasting protein bar on the market. We didn’t get details on its ingredients, complete nutrition profile, or what kind of build it’ll have, but we did get a glimpse at its packaging and confirmation on one of its four flavors in the Speculoos-inspired Caramel Biscuit.

To keep the momentum going, Mountain Joe’s has revealed the same for another one of its flavors of the upcoming protein bar, and while Caramel biscuit sounds delicious, this looks to be one step further. Continuing the excitement today is the unveiling of the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar in Chocolate Candy Cream, packing a gram more protein than Caramel Biscuit at 18g with 2.5g of sugar.

Mountain Joe’s is promoting its Chocolate Candy Cream Protein Bar alongside color-covered chocolate candy, suggesting that plays into the flavor with maybe M&M’s-like candy sprinkled throughout the bar. At this rate, we’re guessing the third and fourth flavors of the product will be named this week with hopefully details on its other major macros and an official launch coming shortly after.

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