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Mountain Joe’s shares the first real look at its promising and flavor-filled protein bar

Mountain Joes Protein Bar Reveal

After all of the hints, teasers, sneak peeks, and clue-filled comments, Mountain Joe’s has unveiled its highly anticipated protein snack, and the UK brand has kept the name straightforward in Protein Bar. The most interesting point about the product is Mountain Joe’s is saying it will be the best-tasting bar on the market, which is bold, although entirely possible, coming from this company.

Mountain Joe’s is known for putting together unique, delicious, and decadent snacks, including its original and incredibly on-point Protein Rocky Road. This week’s big unveiling doesn’t obviously give us a taste of the product, but we do get a lot more information. Firstly, it confirms that Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar will have a solid amount of protein at 17g, similar to the likes of the Outright Bar.

Another macro the brand has confirmed for the promising protein snack is it’ll have 2.4g of sugar, and while the rest of its nutrition profile has not been shared, we don’t imagine it being unreasonable. There will be four flavors when the product launches in stores and online, and the brand’s first real unveiling names one of those with Caramel Biscuit, seemingly inspired by the popular Speculoos biscuit.

The latest from Mountain Joe’s regarding its next entirely new protein snack only furthers our interest. We don’t yet have an exact launch date or week; however, if we had to guess, we suspect the product will be out this month. As mentioned, the brand has been frequently pumping out all sorts of teasers and details, and if it keeps this pace, the launch will probably be here within a week or two.

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