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White Chocolate Salted Caramel rounds out Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar lineup

White Chocolate Salted Peanut Mountain Joes Protein Bar

Following yesterday’s series of images showing off just how delicious Mountain Joe’s promising new protein bar looks, the functional UK-based brand has named the fourth and final flavor. Over the past three days, Mountain Joe’s has been revealing the options for the product one by one, starting with Caramel Biscuit, then Chocolate Candy Cream, and the sweet Raspberry Ripple.

Rounding out the menu for the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar, with the brand still confidently hinting that it could be the best-tasting protein bar on the market, is a salty flavor we’ve seen done very well by a few competitors. The fourth option is White Chocolate Salted Caramel, obviously combining the two tastes in its name with sweet and creamy white chocolate, and deliciously salty caramel.

We still don’t know the full nutrition profile of any of the flavors of the Mountain Joe’s Protein Bar, only the protein and sugar, which are solid with 17 to 18g of protein and 2.6g or less of sugar. Hopefully, we’ll get a clearer picture of the macros in the coming days, as the protein bar has a lot of momentum going for it right now, so we have to imagine it’ll be available within the next week or so.

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