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Myprotein to utilize innovative animal-free whey in its upcoming Whey Forward

Myprotein Whey Forward

Ever since we saw Brave Robot put Perfect Day’s unique and innovative animal-free whey protein to use in its tasty ice cream, we’ve been waiting for sports nutrition brands to incorporate it. There have been a few since Brave Robot, including Natreve’s Mooless and California Performance’s V-Whey, although we’re now about to get the first major supplement company using animal-free whey in Myprotein.

The international giant Myprotein has announced Whey Forward protein powder or officially written on the face of its label as Whey Fwrd. It is a supplement that utilizes Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, which is genetically identical to premium whey isolate; however, instead of coming from cows, it’s from microflora that is given the genetic blueprint of milk protein then produced through fermentation.

Myprotein Whey Forward

Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein gives you all of the benefits of whey protein, including a complete amino acid profile to help build muscle and improve recovery without the traditional whey production process. Myprotein’s Whey Forward will provide a solid 20g of protein per serving, all coming from animal-free whey protein with no sugar and lean and low macros elsewhere in the nutrition profile.

Myprotein’s Whey Forward is launching soon in the US through the brand’s dedicated US website at We don’t know the supplement’s price, although if it’s like the other animal-free whey protein powders, it won’t be close to traditional whey products. Whey Forward is arriving in a 1.1lb tub in Rich Salted Caramel, Decadent Chocolate Brownie, and Creamy Mint Chocolate Chip flavors.