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Popcorn trend continues in the latest limited flavor of Chiefs’ protein shake

Caramel Popcorn Chiefs Milk Protein Rtd

For whatever reason, popcorn has been a hot choice of flavor for functional food companies in Sweden. First, we got Lohilo teasing a popcorn flavor of its protein ice cream, then NJIE dropped a Crunchy Popcorn ProPud Protein Bar, and just recently, we got a Popcorn Swebar. The trend has bled into Switzerland this week, where Chiefs has revealed and released its own popcorn-tasting product.

For a limited time, Chiefs has its sweet, smooth, and enjoyable Milk Protein RTD in a Caramel Popcorn flavor, which is certainly one of the more unique options we’ve seen from the brand. Alongside the presumably sweet and salty Caramel Popcorn taste, the product has its typically lean nutrition profile of 25g of protein, 8.7g of carbohydrates, all of that sugar, 3.6g of fat, and 169 calories.

As mentioned, the limited-time Caramel Popcorn Chiefs Milk Protein RTD is available now in Switzerland in many of the major supermarkets, including the likes of COOP and Spar. We’re not sure if this one will make it out of the brand’s home country, as while its milkshake-like protein drink is available internationally, the selection of flavors is nowhere near as extensive as it is in Switzerland.

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