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Another uncommon standalone arrives at Chaos Crew featuring Cactinea prickly pear

Chaos Crew Cactinea

Over the past few months, Chaos Crew from the UK has been releasing several simple, standalone supplements, although they weren’t the traditional bulk creatine, glutamine, or BCAAs. Chaos Crew was going with substantially more uncommon compounds in the ingredient titled items CellFlo6, High Dose Turk, the laxogenin-based Laxo, and Brainberry.

Chaos Crew has dropped another one of those uncommon standalone supplements this month named after its one and only ingredient with Cactinea. The start of the product is indeed Cactinea branded prickly pear promoted by the ingredient house Nexira for its ability to support weight management, help reduce water weight, and detoxify the body.

Chaos Crew’s Cactinea comes with half a gram of the title ingredient in each of its 60 capsules, working out to a gram of organic prickly pear in the recommended two-capsule daily serving. Not surprisingly, with that lone compound, the price of the supplement is not that high at £19.99 (21.92 USD) when purchasing directly from the brand’s website.