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Strom continues its creative streak and turns Cola Float into a flavor of HydraMAX

Strom Sports Cola Float Hydramax

Reputable UK sports nutrition brand Strom Sports is no stranger to unique and different flavors; we’ve said this many times before and proven it many times before by sharing some of those intriguing creations. You only need to look at its three most recent flavor extensions with Buttered Pancake and Battenberg Cake VelosiWhey, and Unicorn Piss StimuMAX.

Strom Sports is back in the headlines this week with news of another extremely uncommon flavor, and this time it’s for the brand’s hydration-focused supplement HydraMAX featuring hefty dosages such as 5g of taurine, 2g of coconut water, and a gram of cranberry extract. Previously the product had all fairly straightforward options on its menu with Berrylicious, Cherry, and Lime Citrus.

All of those flavors mentioned are, of course, your typical fruit-based tastes, but that is not the case with Strom Sports’ latest effort with a Cola Float HydraMAX. Like the traditional treat of the same name, Cola Float combines vanilla and cola into one tasty experience, and it is available now through the brand’s website at £39 (44.16 USD) for a large tub of 90 servings.

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