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Cognizin-fueled Bum Energy drink from Chris Bumstead and Raw Nutrition coming soon

Chris Bumsteads Bum Energy Drink

While we’re only two months into the year, there have already been several sports nutrition brands reveal and release their competitor for the increasingly popular world of energy drinks. Logan Paul and KSI’s Prime introduced the delicious Prime Energy, Axe and Sledge just announced JST WRK Energy, previously released ZOA and C4 Smart Energy were completely revamped, and Reign revealed Storm clean energy,

Chris Bumstead’s reputable Raw Nutrition is another sports nutrition company throwing its hat in the ring of energy drinks with a product named Bum Energy. Instead of coming in the typical 16oz can or slim and sleek 12oz, the Bum Energy drink will be in a classic 12oz soda can. The beverage is going to have two key ingredients, a precise 112mg of natural caffeine for energy and the premium and proven Cognizin at 250mg.

It’s a nice and simple pairing of the two components, and again, it evenly covers you with support for energy from the moderately dosed natural caffeine, and proven focus and cognition from premium Cognizin citicoline. The nutrition profile on a can of Raw Nutrition and Chris Bumstead’s Bum Energy is not completely zero, but it’s practically there at five calories, and absolutely none of that comes from sugar.

Chris Bumstead and his supplement company Raw Nutrition look to be rolling out their first-ever energy drink shortly, with shots of it on the product’s separate Instagram picturing it on the production line. The brand has only shown off two flavors of the Bum Energy drink for now, so it may not have a menu as large as the likes of RYSE Fuel or Redcon1 Energy had right out of the gate in Orange Sunrise and Cherry Frost.