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Elite Labs teases what will be its fifth completely new product in just three months

Elite Labs Mysterious Nutrition Based Metabolic Product

Elite Labs is another supplement company that has picked things up over the past year or so, ramping up the speed at which it reveals and releases products. The brand known for its original high-calorie, massive bagged Mass Muscle Gainer, has introduced and built out its Metabolic Series in that time, with the most recent additions to that family being the multi-source Metabolic Creatine 6 and the balanced pre-workout Metabolic Pre.

Elite Labs is truly not wasting any time this year and has begun teasing another entry in its consistently expanding Metabolic Series. Sharing a blurred, shadowed, or vague teaser is something the brand has done before the complete unveiling of each of its Metabolic supplements, and that is what we have again today. You can see the intriguing image above, featuring a blank labeled tub that simply reads “Metabolic”, and that’s it.

While Elite Labs hasn’t shared any actual details about the upcoming extension to the Metabolic Series, looking at the teaser, the product appears to be packaged in a typical, larger protein tub. The line of supplements does already have the traditional protein powder Metabolic Whey and the industry-first gainer Metabolic Mass, so if it is indeed something nutrition related, it would need to fit around those two.

If we had to guess, we think the next entry in Elite Labs’ Metabolic Series is maybe a more premium; whey isolate-powered protein powder or potentially a balanced meal replacement, as that’s another nutrition product that’s become relatively common. We’ll have more details on the supplement shortly, but for those keeping count, whatever it turns out to be, it’ll be the brand’s fifth completely new product in just three months.

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