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Powdered Clean Creatine saves you 40% compared to VNDL Project’s capsule original

Vndl Project Clean Creatine

VNDL Project recently released some rather basic supplements, both featuring the key ingredients they’re named after in DIM with 3,3′-diindolylmethane and the standalone creatine HCl, Clean Creatine. The brand is continuing down that road in its latest product which is actually a spin-off or alternative version of Clean Creatine, costing the same as the original, although it comes in unflavored powder, not capsule format.

The second Clean Creatine from VNDL Project is a bulk 150g bulk tub of creatine HCl, so it has the same type of creatine as the first Clean Creatine, but you get a lot more servings for the same price, making for significantly better value. With each bottle of the powder variant of Clean Creatine having 150g, that works out to 100 servings at 1.5g each, compared to the capsule product at 60 servings with that same 1.5g.

VNDL Project has already added its second Clean Creatine to its direct-to-consumer online store at in the Essentials section, and where once again, you’ll pay the same per bottle as the capsule original at $30

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