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We Go Home confirms Creapure is a key ingredient in its upcoming muscle builder

Creapure In We Go Home Guerilla Strength

Earlier in the week, reputable sports nutrition brand We Go Home announced the name of its next entirely new supplement in Guerilla Strength. It is indeed designed to support muscle strength, power, and performance, according to the label of the product, and it’s all wrapped up in stackable unflavored powder. Based on the benefits and format, we suspected the supplement to be an advanced, creatine-based muscle builder.

It turns out we were spot on with our guess of what We Go Home’s upcoming Guerilla Strength is all about. The still young and growing brand has confirmed a vital component of the product, and it is the main feature we suspected. Driving the experience in Guerilla Strength is 5g of tried and true, strength and performance-supporting creatine monohydrate, and it’s not just standard creatine, but premium Creapure creatine monohydrate.

There are also going to be other components squeezed into the comprehensive and conveniently stacked supplement, all for those core benefits of better performance, power, and strength. The intriguing and undoubtedly effective product is making its debut in the coming weeks, at which point we’ll get a complete look at everything We Go Home has packed into Guerilla Strength as well as be able to purchase and put it to good use.