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Dedicated names its power product True Power featuring a single capsule serving

Dediacted Nutrition Sneak Peek At True Power

Dedicated Nutrition has been revealing bits and pieces about the six supplements it has coming down the pipeline in the coming months in the UK and Europe, and today we have another one of those sneak peeks. Since the reputable company and past Brand Of The Year winner announced what it has up its sleeve, it has four of those products in Alpha Triad, a revamped Fusion Pro, the ZMA ZM-z, and a promising new Unstoppable.

The fifth upcoming supplement coming soon from Dedicated Nutrition is titled True Power, which, right off the bat, sounds like some sort of strength, performance, and power formula. Interestingly this is not a bulky, unflavored powder product to take alongside other items of similar focus. True Power actually comes in capsule format; in fact, all of its ingredients and effective dosages have been squeezed into a single capsule serving.

Typically supplements that have a single capsule serving are stimulant-based formulas for the likes of energy and focus, although we’re not sure that’s what Dedicated Nutrition has in store for us with True Power. A high-powered stimulant product is likely, but the brand knows how to put together powerfully effective supplements, and we’re sure it could find other creative ways to offer some sort of “power” support in a lone capsule.

With True Power, a new Fusion Pro, revamped Unstoppable, Alpha Triad, and ZM-Z all confirmed as coming soon, that means we’ve got one more product left for Dedicated Nutrition to tease some details. The brand has promised 2023 will be its biggest year to date, and looking at the line of supplements it is rolling out in the coming months, it is shaping up that way, especially with the promise of an all-new, powerhouse Unstoppable pre-workout.