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Vitamin Shoppe welcomes Prime Hydration’s newest flavor with a buy one get one half price sale

Vitamin Discounts Lemonade Prime Hydration

As promised, Prime officially launched the all-new and tenth overall flavor of its hit sports drink, with the brightly colored Lemonade Prime Hydration. It went live at at precisely 1PM Eastern Time or 10AM Pacific, and not too surprisingly, if you head over there now, it is completely sold out. That is the case for every other flavor of Prime Hydration as well, although Lemonade is not exclusive by any means.

The refreshing Lemonade Prime Hydration is getting the full treatment and is available in all of the beverage giant’s usual stores and stockists, including specialty sports nutrition locations like The Vitamin Shoppe. In fact, if you head over to Vitamin Shoppe’s online store, not only will you find the tenth flavor of Prime Hydration in stock and ready for purchase, it is there with a deal that brings down its price point by a fair amount.

Usually, through The Vitamin Shoppe, a case of 12 bottles of Prime Hydration will cost the same as it does directly from Prime’s website at $29.99, which works out to $2.50 a piece. To go with the debut of the Lemonade flavor of Prime’s hydration and performance-supporting beverage, there is a buy one get one half-price sale. That drops the cost of two cases to $44.99 or well under $2 a drink at $1.87, far from $2.50.