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Apollon puts a never-before-seen dose of AstraGin into its premium gut health supplement

Apollon Nutrition Gut Glory

Apollon Nutrition’s health series has drastically expanded over the years, adding all sorts of supplements to support different areas of health outside of the gym. In typical Apollon style, the formulas behind the products have been incredibly impressive, with the likes of Liver Lover, Kidney Kindness, and Mind Games. Next up from the brand and its health and wellness line is the gut health-specific supplement Gut Glory.

Similar to those other health-focused products from Apollon Nutrition, Gut Glory is entirely built to support a set area of health and wellness, and in this case, it is digestion and overall gut function. The supplement has been formulated by one of the hardcore brand’s founders and owners, the pharmacist Dr. Marina Samborsky, who was also responsible for the effective formulas in the likes of Liver Lover, Kidney Kindness, and Multi.

Apollon Nutrition’s Gut Glory brings together four ingredients, all of which are premium and proven, and one of those four is at a dose we’ve never seen before in the sports nutrition industry, despite how incredibly popular and widespread it is. A three-capsule serving of Gut Glory includes 250mg of the enzyme blend DigeSEB, 15mg of the probiotic bacteria boosting PreforPro, and a gram of NewBiome branded tributyrin powder.

Apollon Nutrition Gut Glory Label

The final ingredient in Gut Glory is AstraGin, known for its ability to enhance the absorption of things like amino acids, protein, and several other common components in sports nutrition. It does this by essentially optimizing the area where nutrients are absorbed, and that is the gut, by improving intestinal wall health, immunity, and microbiota population. The gut health benefits clearly make AstraGin an ideal fit for Gut Glory, and Apollon Nutrition has doubled the usual dose of it to 100mg per serving.

Apollon Nutrition is dropping its latest carefully crafted and premium health and wellness supplement, Gut Glory, this coming Friday over at The price of the digestion and gut health product will be similar to other items under the brand’s health banner and featuring its brighter white labels, so likely somewhere between $44.95 and $54.95.