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Barebells puts a balanced nutrition profile in its second beverage and reinforces it with vitamins

Barebells Fast Food

Barebells hasn’t just released flavor number six for its soft and sweet Soft Protein Bar in the coconut flake-filled Coco Choco; it has also debuted its first completely new product in quite some time in a nutritious and balanced beverage. Barebells Fast Food is a high-protein drink, separate from its already available and deliciously creamy Milkshake, which aims to provide a more well-rounded, meal replacement-style nutrition profile.

Barebells Fast Food still has a good amount of protein, like Milkshake, with a solid 34g in a sizeable half-liter bottle, alongside 19g of carbohydrates, 17g of that sugar, 19g of fat, and a fitting meal replacement type calorie count of 395. The Swedish brand has taken things one step further to make Fast Food an even more comprehensive nutrition solution, reinforcing it with 26 different vitamins and minerals.

Barebells Fast Food

The main ingredients providing the meal-replacing macros in Barebells Fast Food are relatively simple and clean, with milk concentrate providing the protein, oats for the carbohydrates, and the omega 3-containing vegetable fat source, rapeseed oil. The nutrition does vary slightly across each of the three flavors of the Fast Food beverage, but they have a similar balance, with the tastes being Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.

There are several specialty sports nutrition retailers showing up with Barebells Fast Food, including one of our favorites in Proteinbolaget, where individual bottles of the nutritious drink are listed at SEK 49 (4.46 USD), and while there is also a 12-bottle case, that is the same value, working out to SEK 49 a piece.