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Fiesta’s classic heart-shaped lollipop becomes a flavor of Big’s Creapure supplement

Fiesta Piruleta Creabig

Authentic flavor collaborations are not only limited to a handful of brands these days; there are many companies out there now with something in that area; they are also no longer common only in the North American market. There are several international brands doing authentic flavors, put together in partnership with popular and familiar foods from their own countries, and one that is doing it much more frequently than most is Big.

Big is a Spanish sports nutrition company that has teamed up with all sorts of names, such as the colorful candy Lacasitos, the 90-year-old chocolate milk manufacturer Cacaolat, and the candy house Fiesta. The partnership with Fiesta has led to many different tastes for various products in the Big family, with the month of August bringing another one of those in a flavor based on its sweet and popular heart-shaped lollipop.

Fiesta’s Piruleta is indeed a heart-shaped lollipop originally launched in a classic cherry flavor, and it is that candy that Big has turned into an option of its creatine-based muscle builder Creabig, packing about 63 servings of 3g of Creapure creatine to support muscle strength and size. It is another great addition to the line and joins other Fiesta flavors that are already available, including the cherry and strawberry Kojak Creabig.

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