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Podium’s entire HWPO collection goes live plus a discounted bundle of all three items

Where To Buy Podium Nutrition X Hwpo Training Series

As promised, this week, premium sports supplement company Podium Nutrition has released its special edition series put together in partnership with Mat Fraser and HWPO Training. The collection consists of three completely new products, all for categories the brand already competes in but with separate approaches in the whey isolate-based Isolate Whey Protein, the straightforward Athlete Pre-Workout, and the more hydration-focused formula Salt+Electrolytes.

You can now head to Podium Nutrition’s official online store at to purchase any or all of the supplements under the HWPO Series, and with the launch, we can finally confirm the prices, which are important factors here. As mentioned, the HWPO partnership involves products for categories the brand is already in with alternative formulas, some of them simpler, hence why the cost of each of them has been something we’ve been waiting to see.

In the case of Podium Nutrition and HWPO Training’s Isolate Whey Protein that is the same as the brand’s original blend-style protein powder at $44.99, although it makes more sense when you know you get a smaller amount in the premium whey isolate competitor at 1.6lbs a tub, not 2lbs. Next is Athlete Pre-Workout, a more straightforward but well-dosed pre-workout and it is cheaper than Podium’s previously released Fuse at $39.99, and Salt+Electrolytes is much lower than the BCAA-infused Hydro+Salt at $24.99 versus $34.99.

You can check out each of the supplements from Podium Nutrition and HWPO Training’s collaboration at, and if you want to pick up the complete collection, the brand will reward you with a solid discount, as instead of paying a combined $109.97, there is a bundle of Isolate Whey Protein, Athlete Pre-Workout, and Salt+Electrolytes at $99.99.