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Apollon reveals its premium take on an essential omega-3 fish oil formula

Apollon Nutrition Alpha Of Omegas

Hardcore supplement company Apollon Nutrition has grown its health and wellness side extensively over the last year or two, bringing its signature advanced and complex approach to formulas to specific areas of health. We’ve seen Mind Games, Kidney Kindness, Liver Lover, and just recently, the gut health specialist Gut Glory, and this coming Friday, fans are getting another essential health product in Alpha Of Omegas.

Alpha Of Omegas fills the gap in the Apollon Nutrition lineup of an omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Being the brand that it is, the product is not your traditional omega-3 softgel, packing a gram of fish oil and providing 300mg of omega-3s. Alpha Of Omegas features a highly concentrated 850mg of omega-3s in a single softgel from fresh, wild-caught, cold water Icelandic fish oil, breaking down to 433mg of EPA and 315 and DHA.

Alpha Of Omegas is another entry in Apollon Nutrition’s consistently expanding selection of supplements, and a fitting one at that, as it goes nicely alongside the other essential health products it’s pumped out, such as Multivitamin, its premium Collagen, and the aforementioned Gut Glory. The premium fish oil supplement is making its way out to stores this week and next, and will be available for purchase direct this Friday.