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Raw takes a familiar approach in its upcoming muscle builder featuring fadogia and longjack

Raw Nutrition Signal

The majority of the supplements from Raw Nutrition are broad category items; not many are too specialized, with things like pre-workouts, a few to choose from, in fact, and protein powders. It does dip its toes into some of the more advanced areas like muscle building and weight loss, although not overly extensively with the likes of Burn Thermogenic Powder, the recently released Essential Fat Burner, Test, and standalone Turkesterone.

Coming soon to Chris Bumstead’s brand is Raw Nutrition Signal, which is a muscle-building-style supplement that’ll go alongside Turkesterone and the KSM-66-backed Test, and it can be stacked with those two without any crossover in ingredients. Signal is going to rely on two components to support, enhance, and improve muscle building with tongkat ali, more common known as longjack, and the increasingly popular fadogia agrestis.

The specific combination of ingredients in Raw Nutrition Signal is somewhat common, as in the last several months, a few other sports nutrition brands have dropped supplements with those two, including Trained By JP Nutrition and Unbound’s Tongkat Ali Fadogia. We don’t know the dosages in the product, but it does have a three-capsule serving, leaving reasonable room for effective amounts, as Unbound’s competitor has four capsules with 400mg of LJ100 longjack and 1.2g of fadogia.

Raw Nutrition Signal is coming to market shortly, further expanding its depth and support in the muscle-building category, and again, you’ll be able to use it alongside Test and Turkesterone, as neither of those features any amount of fadogia agrestis or longjack. You can expect a price tag similar to those other two products up in the area of $50 as that’s the level you get Trained By JP and Unbound’s similar supplements.