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Traditional protein powder looks to be coming for Eddie Hall’s recently refreshed brand

Beast Pharm Traditional Protein Powder

Eddie Hall recently revamped his Beast Pharm brand and took on the vast category of sports nutrition supplements, and he did so with quite a selection of products. The first man to ever deadlift half a tonne came out swinging with four different formulas, all well-designed and respectably dosed, in the hydration-supporting Hydro, the pre-workouts Stim and the pump-powering Pump, and Recover, which we thought was a traditional protein powder, but it turned out to be a more complete post-workout.

While Eddie Hall and Beast Pharm didn’t start out with a protein powder, it looks like it is about to get one. The brand has posted a teaser image that, once again, features the silhouette of a typical 4lb or 5lb tub, and since it already has fans covered with a post-workout or lean gainer of sorts, we have to assume this will be the protein product we expected. Beast Pharm’s teaser doesn’t offer any clues outside of the silhouette and that the mystery item is a completely new supplement coming in three flavors.

Beast Pharm only hit the market about a month or two ago after a lengthy build-up and teaser campaign, but don’t be surprised if the seemingly typical protein powder comes to market shortly. If a whey or blend-style protein supplement is indeed what fans are in for, value will likely be another strong feature of it, as coming in a 4lb or 5lb jug tends to bring a cost-effective price tag, and that is also a more common size in the UK.