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Prime gives the seventh flavor of its energy drink a rather unique name

Original Prime Energy Drink

The always-exciting beverage brand Prime, from Logan Paul and KSI, has announced another flavor for its hugely successful selection of products, and this time, the attention is going to the newer one of its two drinks. The company is expanding the menu of the caffeinated Prime Energy Drink, which has 200mg of caffeine in a 12oz can in the US, although that amount varies around the world, like in Australia, it has 110mg.

The new flavor of the Prime Energy Drink is its seventh overall and only the second time an option has been added to the beverage. The energizing product initially came to market in five tastes with Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Orange Mango, Strawberry Watermelon, and Tropical Punch, then welcomed Ice Pop three months ago. Currently rolling out to stores is the all-new and vaguely named Original Prime Energy Drink.

The title “Original” doesn’t point to any sort of flavor, although we have a couple of ideas as to what the taste is about. Based on the name, it could be a traditional, syrupy energy drink flavor like the original green Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, and so on. Our more favored possibility is based on the white can design, in that maybe this is going after the legendary white Monster Ultra, a similar strategy to the white-colored 3D Energy Drink.

Either way, the Original Prime Energy Drink is now making its way out to the huge number of stores and stockists carrying the canned beverage and the even more popular Prime Hydration Drink. It is great to see the brand consistently giving back to its other product, as the electrolyte-fueled offering is the one that tends to get most of the attention, although keep in mind, the energy drink did only arrive at the beginning of the year.