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Cafe Latte makes it three flavors for Savas soy-based protein powder

Savas Cafe Latte Soy Protein 100

Savas in Japan has been a lot busier than expected, with developments and excitement around its line of sports nutrition products, dropping completely new supplements and extensions relatively frequently. The major Japanese player just added a much-needed second taste to the menu of its Milk Protein RTD, and before that, we met the hybrid beverages Yellow Vegetable and Green Vegetable. Here today, we’ve got more news from Savas by way of another flavor for Soy Protein 100.

Soy Protein 100 from Savas is indeed a soy-powered protein powder, providing a respectable 20g of protein a serving, all from soy protein, a reasonable 3.1g of carbohydrates, in and around a gram of that sugar, 1.6g of fat, and 107 calories. Those numbers are not too bad, and now you get that nutrition profile in a third flavor, with Savas adding to its list of Cocoa and Milk Tea with a bit of a coffee-inspired experience with Cafe Latte, available in 900g bag of about 32 servings and a small pot of eight.

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