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Strong Nation tweaks its mainstream pre-workout for more energy, focus and pumps

Strong Nation Revamps Tiger Fury Pre Workout

Strong Nation in India filled last week with a host of product drops, including a more balanced version of its premium pre-workout Freaky Wolf Darkside and the completely new supplements, EAA Shredz and the muscle-building SMG. The busy brand is back making headlines this week by revamping and relaunching its other pre-workout, not Freaky Wolf, but Tiger Fury, making a few tweaks to improve the overall experience.

Tiger Fury is still the lighter or tamer of Strong Nation’s two pre-workouts, with the latest iteration featuring a slightly difference balance of ingredients. The sequel product features a wider selection of components for the stimulating side of energy and focus, including a pinch more tyrosine at 250mg, a low yet added level of choline bitartrate, and more caffeine at a combined dose of 300mg a serving, up from 250mg.

Strong Nation has added more to the energy and focus portion of Tiger Fury but has taken a bit out of the pumps and performance. The second edition of the supplement does not have any glycerol, no more creatine for strength and power, the beta-alanine is gone too, and there is a bit more citrulline, 40% more to 3.5g in a maximum serving and added betaine, albeit half a gram.

Tiger Fury is simply being refined in its second version, and as you can read, Strong Nation has not made any drastic changes, but enough for a more specific balance of benefits where you get a marginally higher level of energy and focus, not as much performance, and more supported pump. The supplement company is already rolling out its fourth new product in just one week in India with the same amount of 30 servings a tub.