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Zhou joins the small but growing list of creatine supplements in gummy format

Zhou Nutrition Creatine Gummies

Zhou Nutrition has dipped so far into the world of delicious gummy-format supplements that all of the gummies it has available are labeled with a separate logo and sub-brand in “Zhou Gummis” in place of the typically standalone “Zhou”. The extensive sports and lifestyle nutrition company already has Gut Guru Gummies with probiotics and prebiotic fiber, the classic Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, and the newest member of the team is Creatine Gummies.

The all-new Creatine Gummies from Zhou Nutrition, or technically, according to the branding, Zhou Gummies, is a tasty gummy supplement made entirely around muscle and strength-building creatine. In every serving of three Pink Lemonade flavored gummies, you get a full and effective 5g dose of the ever-reliable creatine monohydrate. That main ingredient does come with a bit of nutrition in a low net carbohydrate count for a total of 30 calories.

There aren’t many creatine-based gummies on the market with the likes of CON-CRET Gummies, Swoly’s Creatine Mono Gummies, and Bear Balanced’s Creatine Gummies; a small group Zhou Nutrition is joining with its own simply named Creatine Gummies. You can pick up the creatine-filled gummy candies in a bag of 60 pieces or 20 full servings, over at, where you’ll pay $24.99.

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