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One-month-old Minty Chocolate flavor of Barebells’ softer protein bar arrives in the US

Barebells Usa Lands Minty Chocolate Soft Protein Bar

It was only a month ago, in fact, the first day of last month, that the legendary functional food company Barebells revealed and released the latest flavor extension of its sweet, softer, and protein-packed Soft Protein Bar. Similar to what the brand did several years ago, it brought together a blend of rich milk chocolate and refreshing mint for a Minty Chocolate flavor of the Soft Protein Bar, packing 16g of protein, 2g of sugar, and 202 calories, and nicely timed for launch around the holiday season.

Usually, it takes a few months before the most recent innovation from Barebells makes it out of its home country of Sweden and into the many other markets around the world where it has a substantial presence, although that’s not the case with Minty Chocolate. Just a month after introducing the Minty Chocolate Soft Protein Bar, Barebells has brought it stateside, with the brand’s regional online store at now selling the product at $28.99 for a box of a dozen protein bars.

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