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Fit Kit recreates the Bounty Bar experience in its significantly lower calorie Coco Paradise

Fit Kit Coco Paradise

Fit Kit has plenty of delicious-looking, creative, functional foods to its name, and it continues to add to the selection year after year, all stemming from its original hit protein product in the soft and sweet Protein Cake, which has spawned a few spin-offs and additional flavors. Again, the Russian company has gone on to introduce many other items since then, with this year alone bringing the likes of FitStick Crispy, the chocolate peanut butter cups Protein Cups, the hazelnut-filled Hazels, and the Mars bar-like Elon.

To close out the year, we’ve got another innovation from Fit Kit to share, and like most of those products highlighted above, this is a bar-format snack, and specifically along the same lines as Elon, it offers an experience similar to another mainstream-level candy bar. The functional creation from Fit Kit is called Coco Paradise, and it offers a coconutty main body wrapped in decadent milk chocolate, just like the world-famous Bounty candy bar, but here you don’t get anywhere near the same amount of sugar and more protein.

Fit Kit’s Coco Paradise is a small 45g snack, again, featuring a smooth coconut-like main body covered in on-point milk chocolate, providing a moderate 5g of protein, 13g of carbohydrates, absolutely no added sugar, 8g of fat, and 134 calories. That is close to 40% fewer calories in Coco Paradise than the same 45g of a Bounty candy bar, and nothing close to that product’s 22g of sugar in a 45g serving. The latest from Fit Kit is out now in its home country, including its own online store where a box of 15 is just 1,350₽ (14.73 USD).

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