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ESN stops producing its hardcore premium sports nutrition brand Vayu

Esn Ends Production Of Vayu

One of the more impressive sports nutrition brands out of Europe in recent years was actually a sub-brand by the name of Vayu from the supplement and functional food giant ESN in Germany. Since its inception, it made an effort to put together premium products for a more hardcore, advanced audience, including its amino packing 19.9g of EAAs a serving and its loaded intra-workout featuring the likes of KSM-66 Ashwagandha and Cluster Dextrin, and carrying a hefty price tag of €79 (86.63 USD).

ESN’s Vayu has been an incredibly interesting and intriguing line or brand to watch over the years, although those of you in Germany as well as other parts of Europe ESN reaches and distributes its lineup to, may have noticed the distinctive black and red selection of supplements not showing up as much. If you head to, you’ll notice there is no longer a “Vayu By ESN” section, and almost all of the Vayu products have been removed, including the likes of Nitro, Intra, and even the hit energizer Meta.

The reason behind this disappearance on all sides — ESN’s online store as well as retailers — is that, after its strong four-year run on the market, Vayu has been completely discontinued. We reached out to the team at ESN, and it was able to confirm it is no longer producing Vayu supplements, so what’s currently on the market is the last run. ESN itself has plenty of products that could help fill the gaps left behind by the premium line, although admittedly, it won’t be the same without that stylish look and feel.

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