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SEEQ refunds its Santa Sack buyer, sells the tubs at 75% off and is giving away its company holiday

Seeq Santa Sack Discount And Holiday

If you followed the journey of SEEQ over Christmas, last month, it was another fun one, equally as interesting and exciting as Christmas in 2022 when it sold a bundle of 131 tubs of its signature Clear Protein that was made into a Christmas Tree. One year later, for 2023, the clear protein specialist did something equally as festive but still a bit different by selling a Santa Sack full of 75 full-size tubs of SEEQ Clear Protein for $2,499, and the brand did come out and confirm that someone had purchased the massive set.

SEEQ only made one Santa Sack available for Christmas, and as an added benefit, similar to how in 2022 it promised to personally deliver the SEEQmas Tree and assemble it, the purchaser of the giant pouch of protein powder would have a company holiday named after them. In a strange twist of events, SEEQ has shared that the buyer of its 75-tub Santa Sack was actually an Amazon reseller. The brand doesn’t actually deal with resellers and has refunded the individual, and decided to do something else that is very “SEEQ”.

Instead of relisting the Santa Sack in its online store, which would be odd considering we’re well passed Christmas, it sold all 75 of the tubs that were in the bundle at a huge 75% discount, working out to a ridiculously low $11.25 each. Not only did SEEQ heavily discount a limited amount of its Clear Protein, but inside one of those 75 bottles is a golden ticket, and whoever ends up getting the product with that ticket will score the freebie from the Santa Sack and have an official company holiday named after them.

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