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Pink Lemonade coming to three of Ghost’s stand-out supplements next week

Ghost Pink Lemonade Family

Ghost promised more focus on the world of sports nutrition and powder supplements this year, despite all of the action, it already jammed into January with the debut of the tasty Ghost Hydration beverage and the FaZe Clan collaboration, FaZe Up Ghost Energy and Ghost Gamer. Next week, the lifestyle brand and multiple award-winner, is continuing that pressure and effort into supplements with a complete flavor family, or at least, a new flavor for three separate products in Ghost Greens, Ghost Size, and Ghost Pump.

The flavor coming to those supplements is the classic Pink Lemonade, joining the many options Ghost already has available. Each of those products is impressive and stand out in its own right, especially Ghost Pump and Ghost Size, which to this day remain our number-one-rated pump pre-workout and go-to creatine-based muscle builder. According to the brand, all of the Pink Lemonade extensions are limited editions, except for Pink Lemonade Ghost Greens, as that is eventually going to become permanent at GNC.

The exact launch date for the Pink Lemonade Ghost Greens, Ghost Size, and Ghost Pump is Wednesday of next week, and it will be a global drop, with all of those Pink Lemonade-flavored supplements hitting the US, the UK and Europe, and Australia. You’ll be able to get them through, and be sure to use one of the many ongoing coupon codes like “BELEGEND” for 20% off absolutely everything.