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Three tasty flavors coming later this month for Naughty Boy’s standalone creatine

Naughty Boy Flavored Creatine

Naughty Boy is set to keep the pressure on here in February, continuing to drive home its promise of at least 100 SKUs launching throughout the year. It has been almost non-stop for the UK-based brand since December basically, with last week bringing the announcement of a revamped version of its first-ever supplement in the pre-workout Menace. Up this week is a bit of news relating to its competitor in the world of standalone creatine, where currently it only has an unflavored option in 300g and 450g bottles.

While unflavored creatine is convenient and versatile, giving you the ability to seamlessly stack with the likes of a pre-workout or post-workout with protein powder, flavored creatine has become more and more popular in recent years. That is precisely what Naughty Boy has cooked up and is about to expand its standalone supplement into an actual menu. The brand has revealed that in about two weeks, it is releasing bulk creatine in three sweet flavors with Pink Lemonade, Strawberry, and Candy Bubblegum.

It looks like the flavored creatine is coming in a small bottle as well, promoting 60 servings, compared to the 100 and 150 of its 300g and 450g sizes. That, along with the flavor angle will likely play into the price, meaning the upcoming creatine extensions won’t be as cost-effective but add a bit of flavor to your life.

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