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Myprotein debuts its Origin Pre-Workout Series alongside a 30% off sale

Myprotein Origin Introductory Sale

Myprotein has launched its Origin Series of pre-workouts this week, quickly following its major rebrand, and it involves three separate supplements in Origin Pre-Workout, Origin Pump Pre-Workout, and Origin Dry Scoop Pre-Workout. The signature product and the Dry Scoop edition feature the exact same blend of ingredients for pumps, performance, and energy, but Dry Scoop is intended to be consumed straight to the dom; then Origin Pump has the same formula again, although with nootropics in place of stimulants.

If you want to get in and try all three of Myprotein’s Origin Series supplements — Origin Pre-Workout, Origin Pump Pre-Workout, and Origin Dry Scoop Pre-Workout — there is a strong limited-time sale to celebrate the debut of the entire family. Over on, you can currently save 30% off the regular price of each product, drastically bringing down their cost. Instead of £28.99, you can pay £20.29 for the flagship Origin Pre-Workout and Origin Pump, and the Dry Scoop variant comes down to £13.29; again these are substantial savings, so get in while you can if the latest from Myprotein are of interest.

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