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No Sugar Co reinforces its Vitality Protein Shake with a variety of vitamins and minerals

No Sugar Company Vitality Protein Shake

Similar to Quest Nutrition, No Sugar Company, another functional food innovator, has been on a roll as of late, releasing several completely new creations, including the collagen-based JoyBar, the zero-sugar Joyburst spin-off Joyburst Mocktails, and the refreshing protein shake Joyburst Clear. Another product that is coming soon from the Canadian sugar-fighting brand has been confirmed and previewed that is going to add another dimension to its selection similar to Joyburst Clear.

The No Sugar Company is preparing to release the Vitality Protein Shake, and it is precisely that: a beverage that is high in protein at 15g in an 11oz bottle, absolutely no sugar, as you’d expect from a brand with that name, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. It is worth noting the protein in Vitality is not all from typical sources like whey, as right on the front of the product, it says it is made with collagen protein, so we’re gathering that provides the majority of the 15g.

The Vitality Protein Shake sounds like it’ll be making its way to market in the coming months, including a debut in the US by way of the major pharmacy chain Rite Aid, and there will be two flavors to choose from, both traditional tastes in Chocolate and Vanilla.