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Wheyhey expands into more food-based items in a high-protein pizza available at Tesco

Wheyhey Power Protein Pizza

Wheyhey has done a lot these past few months, becoming much more than the protein ice cream company we had come to know it as. The brand has pumped out protein-packed yogurt, protein ice cream sticks, and, interestingly, higher-protein milk. All of those items are somewhat in the same sort of realm of dairy products with a twist, although Wheyhey’s latest effort puts it into a completely different space but still focuses on getting more protein with Protein Power Pizza.

Wheyhey’s Protein Power Pizza is simply a reasonably sized pizza at just under 300g a piece that squeezes in more protein than your traditional finished food of this type. The protein on the entire thing is up in the area of high-protein at a total of 33g, and that is all from a clean and nutritious set of ingredients. The BBQ Chicken flavor, for example, is made with rice flour, mozzarella cheese, tomato, chicken breast, pork loin, and for that extra protein, milk powder and pea and milk protein.

The rest of the nutrition profile alongside that 33g of protein is between 8 and 9g of fat across the BBQ Chicken and Meat Feast flavors, then you have a relatively high 70 to 71g of carbohydrates with around 15g of that sugar, about 8g of fiber, ending on a calorie count of 506 for BBQ Chicken and 516 for Meat Feast. Wheyhey’s Protein Power Pizza can be prepared as easily as any other pizza by throwing it in the oven for a bit, and the brand is doing its best to make it accessible and rolling it out at the major supermarket Tesco in England as well as the neighboring country of Ireland.

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