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Wheyhey releases a higher protein bottle of milk in Iceland supermarkets

Wheyhey Protein Power Milk

Functional food specialist Wheyhey in the UK recently revealed and released a new frozen protein treat by way of Protein Power Ice Cream Sticks. It is indeed sweet and creamy high-protein ice cream on a stick, providing 5g of protein a piece, and it’s reasonably impressive in terms of calories, sitting under 100 at 87. Fans of the brand and functional enthusiasts can grab the better-for-you ice cream sticks at Iceland stores, but in another section at that same supermarket is something else from the team at Wheyhey.

Under that same Protein Power name, you can purchase Wheyhey Protein Power Milk and it is kind of what you’d expect based on the name in a traditional one-liter bottle of milk that’s higher in protein than your typical milk product. The brand has simply combined 1% fat milk with milk protein to help boost the protein a fair amount compared to regular 1% fat milk. Wheyhey’s Protein Power Milk pushes the protein up by about 39% to 5g in a 100ml serving with similar fat and, in turn, slightly lower the carbohydrates.

It’s an interesting twist on a classic food that almost every consumer will be aware of; a bottle of milk, and the price is right in the realm of other milk offerings. Iceland sells Wheyhey’s Protein Power Milk at a very reasonable £1.20 (1.52 USD) for a one-liter bottle, and you can compare that to two liters of Cravendale Whole Milk that the supermarket sells for £2.35, which is £1.18 a liter. The functional food company is certainly starting the year with a good amount of innovation, and it is a large expansion as its line isn’t that large.

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