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Fortnite exclusive Prime Hydration Drinks sell on eBay for an eye-watering $162,899

Ebay Auction For Red Vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks

A couple of months ago, the existence of three special edition bottles of Prime Hydration Drink was announced as a part of a Red Vs Blue Series. The products were not mentioned very many times, but in those brief moments, it was said the limited-time items were going to be given to the person atop the leaderboard of Prime’s custom-designed Fortnite map. We weren’t sure about the specifics, although we have finally got more information, and you’ll be disappointed if you actually wanted some of these.

The Fortnite map Red Vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks did indeed go to the king of the leaderboard for the beverage giant’s Fortnite map, and by the sounds of things, that is all. Someone received a prize pack from Prime itself with one bottle of each of the three special edition Red Vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks, plus a backpack. The individual claims only two sets of these were ever produced, and theirs came from winning the Prime and Fortnite tournament by beating out over a monumental 100,000 players.

Knowing how rare and collectible the Red Vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks are, the person who won the highly desirable collection had the opportunistic idea of selling it off. This past week, an eBay auction came to an end for the whole Red Vs Blue family, finishing on an eye-watering £131,700 (162,899 USD). Just to go over the specifics once more, that is $162,000 for three bottles of Prime Hydration Drink, working out to $54,000 a piece, compared to heading down to your local Walmart for around $2 each.

What does Red Vs Blue Prime taste like

If you’re wondering what the Red Vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks taste like, they aren’t anything new in terms of flavor like the recently released Arsenal collaboration in Goalberry; they are essentially reskins of a current flavor. The Red Vs Blue Prime Hydration Drinks are Cherry Freeze, the cherry-based flavor the brand launched in December of last year with a color-changing label. That is the case for any of the three Fortnite tournament exclusives: blue and red split; blue, black, and red striped; or red and blue bolts.