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Enhanced Labs switches to Lacprodan in its updated clear protein and creates two new flavors

Enhanced Labs Updated Io Clear Whey

Enhanced Labs burst out of the gate with its rebrand, where it not only reintroduced itself with an awesome and eye-catching new look, bringing a whole new feel to the brand, but it launched several completely new supplements. That included the beef and egg protein powder Primal Protein, the pre-workouts Maximus Stim and Maximus Pump, and the superior iO Premium Protein, featuring ingredient-optimized ioWhey, which was recently joined by a second similar sort of product.

Following on from all of that excitement, Enhanced Labs has refreshed its entry into the subcategory of clear protein powder. The brand has reworked and replaced its original Clear Protein, introduced almost one year ago, with iO Clear Whey. It is still a clear and refreshing protein supplement, but instead of standard whey, the updated item relies on Lacprodan Clear Shake, an ingredient designed specifically for light and fruit-flavored proteins, and in iO Clear Whey, it provides 24g of protein a serving.

Being a high-quality protein powder, Enhanced Labs has kept the rest of the nutrition profile in iO Clear Whey incredibly clean with no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat on the facts panel and a lean calorie count of 100. There are two flavors available, bhoth different from the menu of the original Clear Protein in Citrus Twist and Watermelon, and they’re in stock over at in tubs of 25 servings at $55.99.