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Naughty Boy sneaks out another entry in its Top Boy Series that utilizes CrreGAAtine

Naughty Boy Electro Cregaatine

Naughty Boy has been gradually revealing the loaded formulas behind each of the supplements in its upcoming and genuinely premium Top Boy Series: the jam-packed Electro Pre, Electro Pump, and Electro EAA. While the UK-based brand had previously confirmed three items for the line, it turns out there is at least one more, and it’s a creatine. Coming alongside the two stackable pre-workouts and the intra-workout powering amino cocktail is Electro CreGAAtine, and this is not your typical creatine competitor.

Naughty Boy has not shared too much about its other upcoming Top Boy Series supplement, Electro CreGAAtine, although it doesn’t sound like there will be much more to this one than what’s in the name. One of the two main components of the product is in the second half of its name with CreGAAtine, an innovative combination of creatine monohydrate and the creatine precursor guanidinoacetic acid or GAA, which claims to provide eight and a half times increase in muscle creatine levels than standard creatine monohydrate.

The other side of Naughty Boys’ Electro CreGAAtine, or at least the side that we know of is electrolytes, and this is something those who have been following the developments of the Top Boy Series will already know about. Every supplement in the premium collection has a reliable source or sources of electrolytes, and that is not stopping in Electro CreGAAtine, combining its promising source of creatine with electrolytes, and like Electro Pre, Pump, and EAA, CreGAAtine is expected to be hitting the market very soon.